Body Dew Oil Phermone 1oz Blush

Body Dew Oil Phermone 1oz Blush

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  • Product Sku: H1011-01
  • Manufacturer: Classic Erotica
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A breath of petal softness combines sweet pea & blue violet with a blush of powdery white cedar Soft-n-sweet...but not too sweet.

Product Features
- Paraben-Free
- Sugar-Free
- Sulfate-Free
- Made in USA
- No animal testing

Replenish Sexuality & Moisturize... for Skin that "Begs to Be Touched!"
- Exciting Upgraded Formula Made with Skin Rich Emollients for Soft, Supple, Sexy Skin
- Soy Bean Oil combats wrinkles & uneven skin tone/antioxidant/protein moisturizing/ healing properties
- Safflower Seed Oil skin conditioning/ prevents dryness/moisturizes
- Sweet Almond Oil improves complextion/emollient to soften & smooth skin/fast absorption oil to help skin balance and retain moisture
- Vitamin A rejuvenating/anti-aging/antioxidant/moisturizing/imporves elasticity
- Vitamin E softens/hydrates/oxygenates skin/enhances complexion/facilitates healing of scars/reduces appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles & fine lines

Natural Soy Oil Base Allows Skin to Glow with Sensuality
- Select blend of natural oils combine to moisturize & nourish skin
- Use after bath or anytime for soft, seductive skin
- Hydrates, moisturizes & fragrances for exotic skin indulgence
- Specially formulated with rich oil blends infused with vitamins a & e
- Locks in precious hydration, essential to soft skin care
- Replenishes moisture to thirsty skin, leaving your body soft, radiant & irresistible to the touch
- Great to use on body art tattoos to keep colors rich
- May also be used in bath water to create a sensual spa oil bath

Pheromone attractant enhances sex appeal

Ships Everywhere.

Product Reviews

Slippery smooth

This made the evening very Erotic. Love it

Anonymous - September 15 2017

Silky smooth

Silky smooth on the skin and the scent makes for a very sexually inviting evening filled with all kinds of sex action.

Anonymous - March 10 2015

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