Coochy Protection Powder

Coochy Protection Powder

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  • Product Sku: H1020-00
  • Manufacturer: Classic Erotica
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Part 3 of the Coochy Shave System

Product Features
- Paraben-Free
- Sugar-Free
- Sulfate-Free
- Made in USA
- No Animal Testing

Provides Protection & Keeps Intimate Areas Moisture-Free of Perspiration!
- Made with Skin Soothing & Protection Agents to Guard Skin from Chafing & Absorbs Moisture
- Mica softest, smoothest natural mineral powder
- Silica natural powder mineral/conditions skin/heals/treats dry skin/guards against inflammation & skin eruptions
- Boron Nitride fluffy mineral salt/keeps skin soft & lubricious to prevent chafing/anti-bacterial/ suggested for sensitive skin
- Zinc Stearate acts to repel moisture & perspiration to keep skin dry/anti-caking agent
- Aloe Leaf Juice Powder skin soothing, moisturizing agent

Ultra-Smooth Mica Base Absorbs Moisture from Perspiration & Relieves Chafing
- Specially designed to provide comfort and protection to intimate and bikini area
- Helps prevent friction chafing to inner thigh area from walking
- May also be used for other areas of the body such as underarms, breasts, face and body
- Provides an ultra, silky-smooth comfort layer between clothing & skin
- Includes aloe vera to protect newly shaven skin & helps relieve itchiness associated with a fresh shave
- Reduces tenderness & redness plus protects against skin rash
- Formulated with an ultra-fine mica base to assure the ultimate in softness
- Use after shaving, bathing or anytime to feel extra fresh & protected
- Apply with included washable, applicator puff
- Leaves skin with a luxurious, smooth & silky protective veil
- Lightly embellished with a white lavender fragrance
- Jar has built-in sifter, so you get just the right amount of powder each time

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i don't shave down there a lot but when i do, it stays nice for a day, then redness and bumps appear. Have noticed though, that after using this product after shaving, it makes the rash and bumps less visible. Noticed there's no ingrown hairs either. Buy it if you have the same problem, it WORKS

Anonymous - January 24 2015

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